Ever wondered how to skyrocket your mortgage marketing game? Picture this: transforming from a loan officer to a marketing virtuoso, forging a captivating personal brand that commands attention and drives success. This episode is all about personal branding in mortgage marketing.

In this exhilarating episode of the Niche Marketing Podcast, get ready to unravel the secrets of building an irresistible personal brand and harnessing the power of social media.  Join Marissa Carey, the visionary marketing guru, as she shares her remarkable journey from the fashion world to revolutionizing the real estate industry. 

Curious to know how Marissa empowers real estate agents to dominate the digital landscape? From captivating photo shoots to mesmerizing videography, discover her cutting-edge approach that propels agents to new heights. 

But wait, there’s more! How do you forge genuine connections and stand out amidst the noise? Unleash the power of authenticity on camera, master networking strategies, and unveil the art of personal branding.

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Watch the Podcast Interview:

A Few Highlights on Mortgage Industry Content Marketing and More:

  1. 01:23-04:15: Marissa Carey’s transition from the fashion industry to mortgage lending.
  2. 04:15-07:56: The significance of personal branding in the mortgage industry.
  3. 07:56-09:52: Leveraging social media to expand networks and attract referrals.
  4. 09:52-12:46: Assisting real estate agents with their social media presence.
  5. 12:46-14:57: Strategies for effective direct messaging and building relationships.
  6. 14:57-16:33: Prioritizing time and resources to maximize productivity.
  7. 16:33-18:54: Media training and coaching for loan officers on camera.
  8. 18:54-21:41: Overcoming imposter syndrome and being authentic in marketing.
  9. 21:41-25:03: The power of a genuine smile and building rapport.
  10. 25:03-End: Developing personal brands through consistent branding and storytelling.

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About Host John Bertino and TAG:

A decade spent working for marketing agencies was more than enough to know that there are too many bad agencies and not enough objective marketers within them. John launched TAG in 2014 with the mission to provide brands unbiased guidance from seasoned marketing professionals at little or no cost.

TAG advises brands on marketing channel selection, resource allocation, and agency selection to ensure brands invest in the right marketing strategies, with the right expectations, and (ultimately) with the right partners.

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John’s professional background and areas of expertise include: Marketing Planning, Earned Media, SEO, Content Marketing, Link Acquisition, Digital PR, Thought Leadership, and B2B Lead Generation.

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marisa carey and john bertino - mastering personal branding mortgage industry marketing

About Our Guest Expert on Personal Branding In Mortgage Marketing:

Marisa began her career in the real estate industry as an Office/Finance Manager for a brokerage firm in Rhode Island, while also attending college at Johnson & Wales University in 2013. She later opened an affiliate branch of Surefire Mortgage Group, LLC, holding the position of Mortgage Loan Originator and head of Marketing/Business Development. Marisa then changed course to spend some time assisting clients as a Loan Processor, before getting back to her roots as a Mortgage Loan Originator. Marisa’s wealth of experience with all aspects of mortgage lending gives her the ability to seamlessly get clients to the closing table to purchase the home of their dreams!

About Our Guest’s Company:

NFM Lending is an award-winning, multi-state residential mortgage lender currently licensed in 49 states. NFM Lending focuses on assisting consumers in obtaining a residential loan that meets their needs while ensuring that they are receiving exemplary service throughout the process. NFM Lending is dedicated to streamlining the loan process in order to shorten the time from loan application to closing without sacrificing service, quality, or compliance. Our company operates on a platform of high standards, while always putting honesty, integrity, and ethics at the highest level of importance.

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