From freelance copywriter to mortgage banker, Erina Johnson has a unique story that has given her a competitive edge in the world of marketing with a focus on highly effective mortgage email marketing.

In this episode, join host John Bertino as he sits down with Erina to explore the fascinating journey that led her to become an expert in the mortgage industry. Hear about Erina’s experience as a processor before transitioning to full-time marketing and how her hands-on knowledge has made her an even more successful marketer.

Discover the most important elements of marketing and lead generation in the mortgage industry, with a particular focus on effective email marketing and social media. Don’t miss out on the valuable insights and strategies that Erina shares!

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A Few Highlights on Mortgage Email Marketing and More:

  1. The mortgage industry needs to demystify the product to make it more understandable to consumers, who usually trust someone else to handle the paperwork and do not consider themselves experts.
  2. The three key audiences in the mortgage industry are referral partners (realtors, real estate attorneys, insurance agents, financial advisors, and contractors), closed clients, and prospects.
  3. The most valuable player in the mortgage industry are referral partners, who have clients with high commission potential due to the large amounts of business they generate.
  4. Mortgage bankers serve as a resourceful intermediary between large, completely online lenders and local banks, taking advantage of the best of both worlds.
  5. A qualified lead in the mortgage industry is someone who seriously plans to buy a home in the next one to two years. Although credit score and financials play a role in determining whether a lead is of high quality, it ultimately depends on the amount of time and guidance it takes for the lead to become a buyer.
  6. Understanding the right marketing channels is crucial for marketers. There is no clear-cut approach, but rather a spectrum of channels that work to varying degrees in different situations.
  7. Email marketing is essential for referral partners, who are professionals that come into contact with mortgage bankers or brokers that want their business. 
    1. Email marketing is done for mortgage bankers under their personal brand and sent out to their own lists.
    2. By providing these partners with valuable information every week, they are more likely to reciprocate the relationship by referring leads to the business.
    3. The Friday Realtor email, in particular, has been very effective in getting realtors to engage with the business. It covers a range of topics, including economic announcements, common questions that clients might ask during holiday periods, and any new products the mortgage company is releasing.
  8. Social media and print are also important components of the marketing mix.
    1. Social media is crucial for staying top of mind, especially for individual mortgage bankers who get a lot of their leads from friends and family.
    2. Social media is not necessarily for getting direct leads, but for creating multiple touchpoints with potential clients.
    3. The three key things that mortgage bankers should communicate on social media are ease and convenience, interest rates, and qualification requirements.

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About Guest Erina Johnson:

Erina Johnson is the Marketing Director of FYD where she leverages her expertise in Branded Content Development, Content Strategy, Management, and Marketing.

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Established in 2001, For You Design (FYD) focuses on visual brand development through creative design, custom web design and development, UX strategy, and social marketing. They enhance brands through custom work that exceeds client expectations. Motivated and inspired by what’s next, FYD approaches every project with an enthusiasm to create something new and innovative.

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