The mortgage industry and related verticals are competitive spaces. Do you know which marketing tactics and lead generation strategies to adopt and which to avoid?

Listen to today’s episode with guest Nate Broughton who has a long history in the mortgage industry, starting over 20 years ago in the “wild west days of internet marketing.” Nate began by creating websites for loan types that he didn’t even understand, and eventually grew his business into one of the largest private companies in Missouri.

Nate has since moved to San Diego and expanded into other lead generation verticals, such as insurance and attorney lead generation, but still maintains a close relationship with the mortgage industry.

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A Few Highlights and Lead Generation Strategies Include:

  1. The digital mortgage lead generation companies, such as Lending Tree, Bankrate, MRC, and Go Banking Rates, are the top-tier providers that offer leads to mortgage brokers or banks.
  2. The best providers come with strong brand names, trust symbols, and association memberships, building legitimacy and reliability.
  3. The quality of leads from different providers varies, so mortgage brokers must evaluate and position themselves to handle incoming leads.
  4. Did you know you can sell mortgage leads to companies that specialize in selling mortgage leads?
  5. Sick of paying vendors? Generate your own leads with the right tech, marketing stack, CRM, and content-optimized website.
  6. For paid traffic, Facebook remains the go-to platform for mortgage lead generation.
  7. What are the most important ingredients for lead generation? Know-how, patience, and a budget.
  8. Co-registration, an older internet strategy, offers potential in mortgage lead generation, getting on the back end of flows where finding a new home signals potential financing interest. (In finance, companies like MarketBeat or Motley Fool offer co-registration for emerging stocks, crypto, or NFTs.)
  9. Create microsites or landing pages targeting specific niches such as relocation, military, construction flips, or biotech to reach your ideal customers.
  10. Boost your organic search by providing valuable content such as a relocation guide to your area, improving your search rankings, and expanding your customer base.

About Host John Bertino and TAG:

A decade spent working for marketing agencies was more than enough to know that there are too many bad agencies and not enough objective marketers within them. John launched TAG in 2014 with the mission to provide brands unbiased guidance from seasoned marketing professionals at little or no cost.

TAG advises brands on marketing channel selection, resource allocation, and agency selection to ensure brands invest in the right marketing strategies, with the right expectations, and (ultimately) with the right partners.

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John’s professional background and areas of expertise include: Marketing Planning, Earned Media, SEO, Content Marketing, Link Acquisition, Digital PR, Thought Leadership, and B2B Lead Generation.

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About Guest Nate Broughton:

Nate Broughton, Vice President of Permanent Equity, is a seasoned entrepreneur and acquisition specialist with a strong focus on digital marketing. He has a proven track record of building and selling successful startups, including a ticket sales platform that achieved $22 million in sales before being acquired. After his success as a founder, Nate moved on to source acquisitions for private equity firms in North America. Currently, he is always on the lookout for companies and business owners who might be interested in joining the Permanent Equity family.

About Guest’s Company:

Permanent Equity invests with no intention of selling in family-held companies headquartered in North America. With 12 portfolio companies and a current capital base in excess of $300 million, the firm seeks opportunities to invest in and partner in closely held companies with durable value propositions. The firm’s current portfolio includes companies in aerospace, niche construction, manufacturing & distribution, consumer products, ad tech, recruitment, and niche professional services.

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