40+ High DA Sites That Accept Guest Posts (In Multiple Industries)

To a beginner in SEO, nothing sounds more mouthwatering than a list of easily attainable high DA (shorthand for Domain Authority) sites that accept guest posts.

But a lot of these lists are painfully outdated or feature mostly worthless inclusions like Facebook and Twitter — as if you’re not already sharing your business on social media.

That’s why we’ve decided to create this comprehensive list — not of Web 2.0 sites, but legitimate industry blogs and websites that accept guest posts with dofollow links.

Read on to check out 40+ high DA sites in different industries, learn how to actually land guest posts there, and how to find even more options in your own niche.

A Caveat: Domain Authority Isn’t Everything

It’s not just about domain authority. You also need to get links from pages and websites that are relevant to your content.

For example, just paying for a high DA backlink from a cooking blog won’t do you much good if you’re trying to rank a page about large-scale manufacturing.

understand which high da sites are best for your business to get a backlink from

Google uses something called “Topic-Sensitive PageRank” to rank its results. Basically, it means that getting featured in a lower-rated manufacturing magazine is actually more beneficial than an 80 DA cooking blog backlink.

A quality backlink isn’t some random link you buy. Pages, you create yourself on directory submission sites or a social bookmarking site are even worse.

A truly impactful link is a real in-content mention in a relevant industry blog or publication.

And that’s exactly why we’ve categorized these websites by industry. That way, you can immediately find pages and blogs that not only offer high DA dofollow links, but that are directly relevant to your site.

40+ High DA Sites That Accept Guest Posts (by Industry)

list of high da sites

Here’s a list of 40+ high domain authority sites that accept guest posts. We’ve categorized them by industry, so you can create high-quality, relevant links.

Personal Finance

Personal finance is an industry where there’s an almost endless amount of high-quality link building opportunities.

If you can land a guest post on any of the nine sites below, you’ll be well on your way to establishing your authority in the niche.

Website Domain Authority Dofollow Links Official Submission Page
moneycrashers.com 81 Yes Yes (Link)
iwillteachyoutoberich.com 77 Yes No (Must be an active personal finance blogger or influencer and cultivate a relationship with Ramit before getting accepted.)
thepennyhoarder.com 77 Yes No
wisebread.com 76 Yes Yes (Link)
mrmoneymustache.com 75 Yes No (Must be active members of the MMM community, or a FIRE enthusiast and blogger to get featured.)
moneysavingmom.com 70 Yes Yes (Link)
budgetsaresexy.com 68 Yes No (Only accepts guest posts from known members of the community.)
modestmoney.com 65 Yes Yes (Link)
mymoneyblog.com 55 Yes Yes (Link)


Tech is another industry where there’s a wealth of sites that are openly looking for more guest writers to help out.

Below, we’ve highlighted a few especially high DA sites that accept guest post submissions and include dofollow links.

Website Domain Authority Dofollow Links Official Submission Page
howtogeek.com 89 Yes No (They don’t officially accept guest posts but do accept review units of tech gadgets which can lead to reviews with dofollow links. They also pay freelance writers and give credit with dofollow links in bio.)
gigaom.com 87 Yes Yes (Link)
makeuseof.com 86 Yes Yes (Link)
isaca.org 83 Yes Yes (Link)
siliconrepublic.com 81 Yes No (If you’re an established expert, you may be able to get featured in the guest columns, or you can pitch your startup to editorial.)
greentechmedia.com 81 Yes Yes (Link)
itworldcanada.com 77 Yes Yes (Link)
technical.ly 79 Yes Yes (Link)
callhippo.com 71 Yes Yes (Link)
the-next-tech.com 51 Yes Yes (Link)


Although SaaS might seem like it belongs under tech, many of these publications are completely different from sites that cover consumer tech and basic web services like Google Docs.

Website Domain Authority Dofollow Links Official Submission Page
getapp.com 81 Yes No (Beyond guest posting, you can also join Gartner Digital Markets to get featured in the SaaS catalog.)
mulesoft.com 79 Yes No (Your best bet is probably contacting a content marketing manager directly.)
slidebean.com 72 Yes Yes (Link)
comparecamp.com 71 Yes Yes (Link)
userbrain.net 62 Yes Yes (Link)
procurify.com 60 Yes Yes (Link)
solutionsuggest.com 51 Yes Yes (Link)

Sports & Hobbies

If you are working on launching a new sports brand, or creating a new fantasy sports site, this list should be right up your alley.

Website Domain Authority Dofollow Links Official Submission Page
moneycrashers.com 81 Yes Yes
footballoutsiders.com 70 Yes No
lastwordonsports.com 61 Yes Yes (Link)
rantsports.com 58 Yes No
sportwitness.co.uk 57 Yes No
workinsports.com 53 Yes No (There’s no longer a submission page, but there are plenty of guest articles with dofollow links.)
the-daily.buzz 55 Yes Yes (Link)
progolfnow.com 39 Yes Yes (Link)


Are you trying to create the next big travel blog or online travel agency? You’re in luck. We’ve included several high DA travel blogs and online magazines that accept guest posts and include dofollow links.

Website Domain Authority Dofollow Links Official Submission Page
nomadicmatt.com 77 Yes (No, but there’s a mention of the process in this article, to get featured on the community blog.)
goabroad.com 75 Yes Yes (Link, note that they are specifically looking for volunteer writers.)
theplanetd.com 71 Yes Yes (Link)
gonomad.com 65 Yes Yes (Link)
amateurtraveler.com 58 Yes Yes (Link)
practicalwanderlust.com 58 Yes Yes (Link)
heatheronhertravels.com 54 Yes No (But there’s a lot of guest content with links on the blog.)
wanderlustandlipstick.com 48 Yes Yes (Link, specifically looking for travel stories from women.)
indietravelpodcast.com 45 Yes Yes (Link)
thetravelmanuel.com 41 Yes Yes (Link)

Marketing & SEO

If you’re googling a term like “high da sites” or otherwise just reading our blog, chances are you’re interested in, or perhaps already writing about marketing and SEO yourself.

We’ve rounded up 7 extremely high DA marketing & SEO websites that accept guest posts and include dofollow links.

Website Domain Authority Dofollow Links Official Submission Page
hubspot.com 93 Yes Yes (Link, strict requirements for actual expertise in your field of choice, sales, marketing, etc.)
smashingmagazine.com 90 Yes Yes (Link)
contentmarketinginstitute.com 88 Yes Yes (Link)
outbrain.com 86 Yes Yes (Link)
rankpay.com 70 Yes Yes (Link)
99signals 60 Yes Yes (Link)

But we warned, getting your links on any of these sites is not easy. The higher the authority, the harder it gets.

So next up, we share a few tips on how you can actually get your guest post published on these sites, and how you can find even more opportunities yourself.

How to actually land these guest posting opportunities

If you want to actually land guest posts, don’t tunnel vision on getting a dofollow backlink. If that’s all you think about, you’ll alienate all the website owners and editors, and you won’t be able to land a single guest posting opportunity.

Don’t spam every site on this list

do not spam the high da sites

The last thing you want to do is go out and spam the sites on this list with the same message. You can’t pitch the same blog posts and ideas to online publications in completely different categories.

You must also change how you frame yourself and your expertise to even pique the editor (or website owner’s) interest in the first place.

It may sound obvious but trust us when we say; it really isn’t. Most of the outreach emails we get are virtually indistinguishable from actual spam.

That’s no way to start a mutually beneficial business relationship. These bloggers aren’t foaming at the mouth waiting for your article submission.

They’re busy. You need to respect that, or you have no chance.

Send personalized messages that highlight the value you can bring to each site/blog

Heavily personalized outreach emails get an average response rate over 142% higher than impersonalized outreach emails.

The effective level of personalization is well beyond “Hi [Firstname],” so don’t get lazy. You need to help the person who reads the email relate to you and respect you enough to value what you have to offer.

Hi Bob, here’s a guest post idea.”

Imagine getting this email as a website owner yourself. Does the subject line offer any value? Are you convinced that it’s worth your time to open, read, and reply to the email?

Instead, take time to explore the blog/publication and get to know the type of person that the content manager/website owner is.

Include one or two sentences about who you are (that resonates with them) and why your expertise means that you can deliver unique value to them.

Note: If the websites are very openly advertising for guest post submissions, this all goes out the window. You may be better off simply putting your guest post idea front and center.

But be warned — even sites that happily accept guest posts aren’t looking for link spam. On almost every single guest post submission page we read during the compiling of this list, they specifically mention this.

For example, the writer’s guidelines for Go Nomad puts it this way, “we don’t accept guest posts that are simply ways to get links on our website.”

Go Nomad guest post submission page screenshot

The best strategy is to find a relevant site where you have some authentic value to deliver. Don’t rely on blog submission sites. Get personal.

For more on how this, check out our article “How to Craft the Ideal Outreach Email for SEO.”

Take time to make relevant content suggestions

Make sure you read the content on the blog or website first. You can’t just suggest an idea if it sounds related to their overall niche. You have to understand the site’s positioning and what kind of content the readers prefer.

You should also do a quick search for posts covering the topics you are suggesting. The last thing website owners want is duplicate content or content that isn’t relevant to their audience.

If you can prove that you’ve put in the work and actually suggest a guest post that piques the interest of the site owner or editor, you’re halfway there.

Gmail guest post submission example

If you want to land a guest post on sites that don’t actively promote that they accept them, you need to get creative.

Use blog commenting and social media to get to know the blogger in question. If you focus on building meaningful relationships in your niche, and you’ll get guest blogging opportunities without even trying.

How to identify more sites like these in your industry

This is where we reveal the secret sauce of how we actually found all these sites. We used an easy trick called “boolean search” on Google.

Essentially, it means that you search for a combination of terms and phrases to find what you’re looking for.

For example, you can search for “write for us” + industry.

Write for us SERPs screenshot

In this example, we searched for finance sites. You can also use it to find sites that accept guest posts in your industry.

Other phrases you can search for:

  • “Guest author” + industry
  • “Guest writer” + industry
  • “Guest post by” + industry
  • “Guest posts” + industry

This simple Boolean search technique will dramatically increase the relevance of your search results compared to just typing the full sentence out.

From there on, you need to check the rank of all the relevant results. Typically, any results on the first place for these searches will have really strong domain authority or domain rating, but it’s good to be sure.

You can either scrape the results (we won’t get into how to do this here, but here’s a good post on how to scrape search results), or manually copy and paste the URLs into an excel sheet.

Then, using an SEO tool like Ahrefs, you can quickly explore the various results and confirm that the domain rating is high enough to make it worth it for you to target.

Ahrefs Site Explorer

Finally, you need to find a guest post and see whether it includes dofollow links or not.

It’s a time-consuming process, so you may be better off getting started by just trying the sites already in our list.


Now that you have the list, the ball is in your court. Don’t just quickly spam them all with the same message.

Pick your targets carefully, based on the relevance to your site, and the relevant expertise you (or your client) have to offer them in return.

If this all sounds overwhelming, and you’d rather leave it to a professional, The Agency Guide can help match you with the perfect agency for your company, 100% free of charge.