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Rave reviews from class attendees

QuoteI was an attendee at the September 2019 SCORE Presentation in Philadelphia and Melissa's presentation on social media and digital marketing was EXTREMELY helpful! My team and I have already started implementing a few strategies in order to increase traffic to our site. Thank you so much!!!


- Score Attendee

QuoteSteven generously gave of his time and talents to share his branding knowledge with small business owners and entrepreneurs in Wilmington, Delaware as part of the Emerging Enterprise Center's virtual Business Growth Workshops. Steven's branding workshop was full of practical advice and exercise that businesses could easily implement; thought-provoking questions that companies should be asking themselves; and personality that captivated the audience while explaining new concepts and ideas. I highly recommend Steven and The Agency Guide when looking for a speaker and/or brand specialist.


- Emerging Enterprise Center (Wlimington, DE)

QuoteAs editor of Sound & Communications, I've been privileged to work with Steven Picanza for more than a year now. Originally, he wrote a few one-off op-ed articles to educate our 28,000-reader audience about marketing and branding best practices. The feedback to those one-off articles was so positive that we invited him to be a semimonthly columnist in our publication. His content has continued to meet and exceed our expectations for quality, relevance and actionability. Finally, Sound & Communications was able to utilize Steven's webinar expertise to host a Zoom session curated specifically to serve the commercial AV industry. His 50-minute presentation was highly informative and full of practically applicable tips.


- Sound and Communications Magazine

QuoteI recently attended a workshop John presented about SEO and came away very impressed. Usually, when you attend these things, you come away with maybe 1 pearl of wisdom and the rest is only surface geared. John's presentation was chock full of genuinely valuable information and his expertise was more than evident. I cannot wait to work with him on my SEO needs.


- Score Attendee

QuoteThrough Maresa's training & lectures, I gained valuable skills and insights in the areas of marketing and analytics. She was able to dive into questions that I had about business practices for startups and give me and my team tailored solutions. Social media presence and marketing is one of the areas I feel much more confident in now that I have Maresa's social media planner!


- Workshop Attendee

QuoteJohn's class on search engine marketing at USD was not only well worth the money but well worth the time. I left every class feeling more confident and excited about the material than the class before. He clearly took the time to compile worthwhile material and was always accessible to students when they needed his advice. I would recommend his course to anyone looking for an excellent, approachable, information-packed introduction to SEO. Five stars!


- Student at University of San Diego

QuoteJohn's teaching style is personable and captivating. Engaging adults for three hours, after a long day at work, is a grind but John makes it look easy. He's that good. Proud to call myself a groupie.


- Student at University of San Diego

QuoteSteven delivered an immediately useful presentation on "Creating a Personal Brand One-Liner That Keeps Your Sales Funnel Full". He covered topics such as: solving your customers problems so you have them for life, reliability with your customers so they trust you, your customers are the heroes (not you) and then he shows you how to wrap all this into his 3-part formula for creating your one-liner so you will have more sales and higher profits on those sales. Excellent presentation. I watched it a second time and got even more out of it! You will gain so much value from any of Steven Picanza's presentations that will help you advance your business.


- Workshop Attendee

QuoteSteven Picanza delivered a presentation on Branding where he shared valuable content with great ideas. I am so happy that I attended this SCORE event to hear his thought-provoking message. I have heard many presentations on branding and I really enjoyed his perspectives. If you have a chance to hear Steven speak, do so!


- Score Attendee

QuoteI had the pleasure of participating in Maresa's class of local search and marketing recently.
I was particularly impressed by Maresa's ability to cover all the material in such a logical and digestible way. As a result of the class, our business now has a clear direction in our local marketing strategy.
We are thankful for the opportunity to connect with Maresa and I would absolutely recommend anyone to work with her.


- Workshop Attendee

QuoteJohn is an captivating speaker! His expert knowledge of SEO makes him the go-to-guy when you are looking for a way to make your web marketing standout. He takes you through the basics in a crisp, clear fashion with very little jargon. By the time he is finished, you will leave with a much clearer definition of SEO and how you can apply it to your brand.


- Student at University of San Diego

QuoteI'm blown away with Maresa's strategy and execution for our virtual event. She helped put together the best web-based conference I've ever seen. The interactive transitions were engaging. We had high-level participation from our attendees and most of all we have hundreds of new prospects and sales. She made my team and our company look good. I highly recommend her.


- Workshop Host

QuoteMaresa is a rockstar at presenting information about Google so that business owners can easily understand how they can utilize products for success! She is amazing at engaging the audience, getting them involved in the presentation, and giving them real-life tips! She's professional, relatable, and an all-around amazing speaker she is a must-have for one of your events, seminars, or conferences!


- Workshop Attendee

QuoteI had the pleasure of attending a learning session facilitated by our local SCORE chapter, led by Melissa and her colleagues from The Agency Guide. They were knowledgeable, experienced and engaging. They presented real-world suggestions to a group of entrepreneurs, enabling us to think creatively about branding, content development and SEO. Expert is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Melissa.


- Score Attendee

QuoteI had the great pleasure of getting a remote professional lecture about "Personal Branding" by Mr Steven Picanza. They say when seeking to learn things go to the experience minds. I can honestly say, Mr Steven gave an informative, direct, and fun lecture. Mr Steven has a strong personality, good knowledge, and a great mind. Always an honour to learn from these minds!


- Mutamahin Workshop Attendee

QuoteI was able to see Maresa give an outstanding presentation at the International Franchise Association's annual technology conference (MITcon) in October 2019. With a focus on helping conference attendees adapt to the ever-changing consumer journey in marketing, her presentation was informative, interactive, funny and truly engaging for all in attendance. Great job, Maresa!


- Attendee at International Franchise Association Conference

QuoteI have been in two of John's classes at USD, and they were both excellent! John is a great teacher and has valuable up-to-date industry experience. The information I learned about SEO & content marketing is making a big difference in my career.


- Student at University of San Diego

QuoteIt was a pleasure for me to be a part of Steven Picanza's online workshop called "Personal Branding"! many creative ideas & new perspectives for Branding were given by Steven, not as usual! Thank you for having us It was an exceptional opportunity 👍🏻


- Mutamahin Workshop Attendee

QuoteJohn's Content Marketing class was engaging, insightful, and taught with great wit and candor. Taking his class provided me with much more than I thought I could get from a short series of lessons and was always very accessible to his students. I felt very involved and valued through it all, and would take another class with John without the slightest bit of hesitation.


- Drexel University Course Attendee


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