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If you’re here, you likely heard my recent interview on Practice of the Practice with Joe Sanok.  We love what Joe is doing with Practice of the Practice and we share the same passion and enthusiasm for helping small businesses succeed.  I hope you enjoyed listening as much as I enjoyed being a part of it! - John

About TAG

Launched in 2014, we created TAG because we noticed a systemic problem in the marketing services niche...

There are simply TOO MANY unqualified marketers giving bad advice and delivering lackluster results.

Enter The Agency Guy, Inc - a marketing consultancy consisting of only experienced marketers, representing 200+ carefully selected agencies and consultants

TAG helps businesses of all shapes and sizes invest in the right marketing strategies with ideal marketing partners.

The Agency Guy, Inc


  • Every member of the TAG team has at least a decade of marketing experience behind them.
  • We put that experience to work for your company - at no charge - in an effort to find you the perfect marketing partners and solutions.
  • We were built to help brands reach their true potential through effective marketing and to get the results they deserve.

Bypass the anxiety, doubt, and frustration that comes with interviewing countless marketing teams by consulting with TAG.


Knowledge is power.

So we created this eBook to empower our visitors with the knowledge of what it takes to rank in Google’s local search section.

  • Learn the fundamentals of search engines as well as how they find and rank your business
  • Understand the difference between standard organic SEO and local SEO
  • Uncover the true importance of the “Google My Business” page and best practices for optimization.
  • Make sense of local business reviews and their true impact your rankings
  • And why link building is so important to your local SEO strategy

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