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This is a step-by-step video tutorial + guidebook to help clarify and define your brand messaging so you can connect with your audience, grow your business, and crush your competition.

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5 Videos Delivered Straight To Your Inbox

Follow along as we walk through every facet of your brand messaging strategy

DIY & Lifetime Access

Understanding how to stay on top of your brand messaging will save you time and money as you're able to course-correct as your business evolves

25 Page Messaging Template

Follow the framework to define and clarify your most important brand messages

Learn Directly From A University Instructor Of Branding & Marketing

This is the same framework and materials used to teach undergraduate and graduate students

You Cannot Afford To Confuse Your Customers!

This course will allow you to:

Master all your most important brand messages and stay consistent across all marketing and sales channels

Keep all your employees, vendors, and partners aligned with how they talk about your business with guidelines you're able to distribute

Save time, money, and frustration from having to repeat the process over and over again, or from sabotaging your brand equity with inconsistent messages

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Brand Positioning

Planting your flag so you can scale

Brand positioning is defined as the conceptual place you want to own in the target consumer's mind — the benefits you want them to think of when they think of your brand.

Core Messaging 1

Your core values, guiding principles, and brand purpose

Brand pillars (or core values) are a few key words (usually 3-4) that embody what your brand is about and serve as a starting point for developing your brand messaging.

Core Messaging 2

Brand Golden Circle (Why, How, What) and your One-liner

In his book, Start With Why, Simon Sinek uses the Golden Circle model to explain how legendary leaders such as Steve Jobs or Elon Musk were able to inspire and create iconic brands.

Brand Personality

Your brand voice, tone, and most importantly, your Call To Action statements

Brand Voice is the character of the brand. These are the core tenets, the evergreen principles. Perhaps they evolve over time, but slowly; their value is routine, predictable.

Putting It All Together

Assemble your framework and understand how to distribute and use it

You will have a messaging framework that is scalable and adaptive to your business!

Next steps are to align your new framework with your day-to-day sales and marketing activities.



This is the exact method and framework I teach and take my clients through.

Each email will be full of written content and a 10 minute video tutorial to follow

Follow along with the PPT or PDF and go back as often as needed to grasp the concepts

Save these emails and keep this for life so as the market and your business evolve, your messaging can too

Macbook Pro

Steven Is An...

…Award-winning global brand strategist and marketer helping business leaders simplify their messaging while creating impactful marketing materials to connect them with their core audience. He runs Latin & Code with his wife Melissa while also being a strategic advisor to brands, agencies, and start-ups through his role with The Agency Guy, Inc. 

Steven is also an Adjunct Professor of Branding at Drexel University in Philadelphia, an international instructor of branding at IED – The European Institute of Design in Milan as well as holding a mentorship role with John Cabot University in Rome.


What Past Students Are Saying


H. Hastings

Marketing Manager, Jenny Craig

Steven is a branding expert who has deep-immersion mastery of both the everlasting principles of brand strategy and the latest best tactics for the modern digital world. He has worked with brands big and small, and provides great guidance and advice – both the do’s and the don’ts – for any business that has a brand. And that means every business, since Steven teaches that the brand lives in customers’ minds and in their perceptions.

L. Duke

Student at New Media Marketing

Steven led the session for personal brand management and digital brand management for my graduate class in New Media Marketing. He superbly provided the class with a very practical and user-friendly approach to complex personal branding and digital marketing challenges. He also provided valuable tips to help them develop excellent personal brand personas. Steven has also been a valuable educator for LeBow’s Digital Marketing Certificate program. I highly recommend him as an excellent speaker and educator in the digital brand management space.


M. Chrit

Student at IED Milan

I had the pleasure to meet , interact and to be part of Steven class at IED in Milan , It’s rare that you come across standout talent like him that share amazing knowledge , experiences and daily challenges . I was particularly impressed by Steven’s amazing ability to explain and share easily informations about branding strategies , business development and all about the ” agency world ” – . That skill often takes years to develop , but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him . I think that Steven is an asset to any team. and I I highly recommend Steven for any lecture – communications or educational branding program worldwide.


J. Traeger

Student at Drexel University

If you have the opportunity to hear Steven lecture on branding, don’t hesitate. He has a mastery of the subject, the wit of a Jersey Italian, and great energy, so it all seems fun while you are learning – a lot. The seminar I attended was jam-packed with information and he graciously extended himself to talk afterwards with those of us who are struggling with some aspect of branding and marketing. Hire him to speak, work with him on branding your business – either way, you won’t be sorry.

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